Just A Friends - Part 1 ~JackHarries

*Jack’s P.O.V*

I made my way down the unusually quite hallways of Merced Falls, towards my locker as a few familiar faces passed by it was a gloomy Monday morning so I’m guessing that’s why everyone seems different as i walked passed the vending machines i had made it to my locker i put in my combination and juggled the locker as it creaked open, this school was pretty old and I’m betting these lockers have been here since the beginning. I placed my damp jacket into my locker as i pulled out my books and neatly placed them into my bag not wanting to carry them. I heard someone running towards me slamming my locker shut, i was taken back by the sudden action blinking a few time and focusing my view on the person i soon realized it was Breanna my lovely friend since the first grade, since i first laid eye’s on her i knew she was different a good different that is she just has the most uprising sprite, she can make anyone smile no matter how your feeling and she cares for everyone. I’m in love with her there i said it, I’m in love with my best friend sigh the sad thing is that she probably sees me as only a friend when i want so much more then to just be her friend. I faded back into reality as Breanna started saying something about Dylan, Oh yes Dylan The boy every girl gushes over, the star of every school sport and the boy that’s stolen Breanna’s heart. i hate him with every fiber of my being. He’s just cocky and thinks he’s the best thing that’s happened in the world when really he’s not even close oh and did i mention that he’s a total knob? well he is.

i just smiled a nodded not wanting to make her unhappy as we walked to our first class, i held the door open for her as she walked in ”What a gentleman” she said with her adorable giggle i soon realized i was smiling like a freak and stop smiling immediately, she stopped giggling and looked at me bit confused ”Is something wrong?” shit ”not at all” i said as i smiled and walked to my seat leaving her standing there for a split second, dumb ass now she thinks somethings wrong why didn’t you just casually stop smiling ah whatever i sighed to myself taking out my books as Breanna took a seat in front of me.

Class was finally over and let me tell you it was as boring as watching paint dry. Not soon enough it was lunch ah my favorite time of the day- well next to the end of the day. Me and Breanna decided to eat outside since it was a nice day, we sat at a small table by the back entrant of the school close to the football/soccer field, there were a few other little groups of friends sitting on the field and at the other tables. I looked around taking in the fresh air, today I’ve just had a lot on my mind i don’t know I’m probably just going insane my thoughts were interrupted by Breanna’s soft voice ”Earth to Jack” she waved her hands in front of my face ”Huh?” i said in a bit of a daze ”what’s up with you today?” she said with a bit of a giggle ”Wh-what? nothing” i said snapping back to reality ”are you sure? you’ve been acting kinda strange” she said with a tad bit of worry in her voice, bloody hell now she’s worried about me if only i had the guts to tell her. ”Breanna, I’m fine” i reassured her letting out a small laugh. ”ok good” she smiled and jumped up out of her seat ”come on i need to show you something”..


so i decided to make this a short fanfic (unless people like it then i’ll make it longer) this is the first part i hope you guys enjoy it feedback would be lovely<3

10+ notes for next part<3 thank you for reading :3

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