So I have reached 4k+ and as always I do a follow forever when I reach a extra thousand. I don’t know when I reach 4k because I was on holiday, I thought I was going to lose followers not gain followers so thank you.

I am getting closer and closer to my goal which is 5k, this has been my goal for ages ever since I hit 2k. It’s amazing how so many people like my blog, I wasn’t expecting this. I thought I would just get a 100 followers or something. So thank you all, it means a lot to me and I love you all.

One last thing I want to say thank you to Estelle (dreams-of-a-fangirl) and Lydia (awchummy) for starting talking to me, I love messaging both of you. Even though both of you, we haven’t talked in awhile. I have been doing my exams and haven’t done the chances to message you both that much and Estelle I know you haven’t been on Tumblr that much lately but we have twitter talk on. Also sometimes when I send messages to you both, they don’t send for some reason :)   

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I also have to thank you for the YouTubers, if they wasn’t here. There will be no blog

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Chummy, you just boobed me in the face!!”

@MarcusButler: I wish I was a kid again

Yea when your famous it can be kinda fun
It’s really you but no one ever discovers